ALLCOM INTERNATIONAL is a supplier that deals only with top manufacturers in the industry founded in 2018. Our office currently employs around 30 employees, including professional sales, assistants, and others. We specialize in developing the best relations with top manufacturers to ensure you the best top quality products at the lowest prices possible.

Our sex dolls are "AFFORDABLE" wholesale price. In working to bring you an affordable sex doll, we did a great deal of research in the market. We looked at precisely those features that are important to sex doll owners. We watched the sex doll documentaries that are out there so we know exactly what a client wants and need in a sex doll. We read through the various doll forums, where doll owners talk about why their sex dolls are important to them, what they look for in a sex doll, any of the maintenance issues they may be having, and anything else that is important to discerning clients of sex doll sellers across the Internet and we report all this back to the manufacturers so they can make the appropriate upgrades and adjustments to there products before shipping. We take very seriously our charge to serve you and meet your needs.

One of the most horrible things that otherwise discerning sex doll customers do to themselves is an attempt to find a budget option that is less than a full-sized sex doll. What they end up with is a list of terrible products or products that are terrible in comparison to what we offer, this is why we pride ourselves in being the cheapest we can be and still maintain top quality.

You’re in the market for an affordable sex doll because you understand how a sex doll can change your life. So why would you settle for something less? Well, you’d settle if you thought it was the only thing you can afford, and sadly, a lot of potential sex doll owners who’ve not discovered us yet, or who have been burned trying to buy an affordable sex doll from lesser sites (or sites that are not even completely legitimate) will choose to buy something that falls short of a full-sized sex doll because they want to find a budget-friendly alternative. These fall into a couple of different categories, but all of them are inferior to the true full-sized sex doll experience that is offered at us and this is why we are always looking to improve our service with affordable payment options either set each month or something you can adjust yourself until you've completely paid for your doll. contact our sales department for more options